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"Who am I supposed to talk to in six months when I’m still not over you…"

- When you said I can talk to you about anything. (via story-left-unt0ld)

"I’m fucking begging you . Don’t leave me .. because I’ve had this hole in my chest from the last person that left and I don’t think I can live much longer if it’s not filled. Please stay."

- My Past (via insanitybyinjection)

"Because I’m a damsel. But not the ‘in distress’ kind. One who is very together and in control of her own destiny."

- Topanga (via boymeetsworldgirlmeetsworld)

(Source: aimless-love)

rad-baby asked: You're welcome! How's summer going for you?*

good!! you?

rad-baby asked: Love your blog.

thank you! thats the best kind of compliment